Film output

Film output

Most of polygraphic processes cannot do without photoforms. We can do this with high quality, preciseness, safety and stability!

To reach this stable quality and quickness in the fulfillment of orders for producing analogue flexoforms, we have installed the phototypesetter Dolev 800V of the CREO company with the HOPE company integrated processor – GL 361, and have been successfully using it for a few years already.

Dolev 800V is a huge phototypesetter with high efficiency and inner drum.

The unique system of rastering and a powerful mechanism of calibration, enclosed in this phototypesetting, help us reach ideal linearity and a high-quality tone rendering.

Three cassettes (large, medium and small) allow using the film of different width which raises the effectiveness and productivity of the overall film usage to a great extent.

Functionality and flexibility in the exploitation of this phototypesetter in conjunction with high efficiency and reliability enable us to solve practically any reprographic problem of the industrial level.

Not only do we satisfy the needs of our own company, but we also offer our assistance in film output our clients.

Technical characteristics:

  • Max. format of photo forms – 1117x838mm.
  • Resolving powers – up to 4064 dpi.
  • Output lineature – up to 625 lpi.
  • Output speed – 13,5 sq. m per hour

CreoScitex Turbo Screening rastering technologies:

  • Conventional (round, square, diamond, gravure, composite);
  • GeometricDOT;
  • High Definition;
  • FM (stochastic).

We also produce photo forms for offset, flexographic and silk-screen printing (including on a mat film/bloom).

Our specialists constantly inspect the technological state of colour-separated films.